British Gas Fails, again and again

I’ve set this site up to try and connect those who have had poor service from British Gas, in particular the services/insurance arm, share those stories, in particular those that have made successful claims.

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I’ll start with a overview of my most recent bad experience.

We took out BG’s home service product. Homecare

We needed an electrical issue fixing.

We believe that we organised 11 visits over several months (BG argue it was less – around 9), and each time, without warning, the engineer didn’t show. Only on one or two occasions did they apologise or attempt to re-organise the missed appointment.

Long story short, they offered around £20 a day in compensation. As each of these days was in my view a total loss this was a not acceptable and after they refused to improve their offer (that’s after taking into the CEO’s office) I felt that I was forced to take them to court.

BG hired WBD a top law firm Womble Bond Dickinson

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Andrew Pett worked for them, and I represented myself.

It took a lot of time but eventually they settled for £5000 or around £500 per missed visit.

I’ll be posting the details here over the next few weeks.

If you’ve had a bad experience with BG Homecare, and have settled, or are thinking about settling and or are thinking about taking them to court, please email me here, and hopefully together we can change this company’s attitude to their customers.

Frauds or just failures ?

Thanks for joining me!

I’ve set up this its to share my experiences with British Gas, and those of others in the hope that they might one day improve

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I’ll be posting how after a series of no shows, I took the company to court myself, and they agreed to settle the claim for £5000, or around £500 per missed visit.

Hopefully our experiences will be of help to you in your dealings with the company.

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